You know that stirring inside you that won’t go away? The one telling you to pick up your paintbrush, your pen, the novel you started years ago, the dance shoes in the closet? Well, that stirring is a CALL… a call to the adventure of bringing your creative GIFT into the world.

Our gifts aren’t meant to be kept to ourselves. They’re there to be shared with the world!

The Creative Call Program is comprised of  8 weeks designed to stretch you, inspire you and possibly reignite dreams and desires you had put aside or didn’t even know you had!

  • We will meet each week for one hour via a tele-conference bridge line which I will send you the access number and code to (or Skype, if you prefer).
  • We will cover one chapter a week in the book The Creative Call: An Artist’s Response to the Way of the Spirit by Janice Elsheimer.
  • In between our scheduled calls, you will spend time delving deeply into the exercises in the book and into the depths of your own soul.
  • If you’d like, the coaching call will be recorded and you will have access to listen to it again for one week in between calls.
  • You will also be able to email me with any questions, thoughts or concerns throughout the week.

With themes such as beginning, listening, making time, simplifying and more, you are sure to see incredible things surface in yourself, your spirit and your creativity.

You will receive 8 weeks of individual coaching (not including the cost of The Creative Call workbook). You will receive dedicated one-on-one time with me as your coach to work through the themes within The Creative Call inner work.

This is a unique opportunity to grow both spiritually and artistically. You might surprise yourself with all you are capable of once you uncover what’s stopping you and faithfully bring to life the gifts you’ve been given.

Let’s have a conversation. You can click this link to schedule an introductory call with me and we can explore where you are feeling stuck and how to help you move forward. No charge. Just please follow through if you book the call. Time is valuable. 

Wishing you the courage to create,





* Image credit: Leonid Afremov, In the Vortex of Passion