A few words from some of the incredible people I’ve had the privilege of coaching…


“I had been considering coaching mainly to deal with my career and life purpose, but was still on the fence. Then Monique’s own words, ‘…there’s a sense of accountability and checking in that helps keep you on track…’ reminded me of my needs and priorities. And that is exactly how coaching has continued. Monique is a skillful master of listening, reflecting, and drawing out those things that help me become more self-aware in order to identify my deepest ambitions and desires. Within a short amount of time, I have become conscious of those habits and patterns that either help or hinder me on my path. And Monique has served as the perfect accountability partner in systematically manifesting concrete goals.”

– S. E. –  Opera Singer, Germany

“Monique is a compassionate and encouraging coach. You always feel empowered by the end of the session. She is a gift from God “

– Sue N., President Olivine Gabbro Fashion Design, USA

“I am so pleased with the encouragement I’ve received from Monique since the start of our coaching relationship. In the past it’s been difficult for me to keep a healthy balance between being a wife and mother and still have time for individual pursuits. Through the coaching process Monique has been able to help me identify my goals as well as set up a strategy to work towards them. Monique is an active and empathetic listener who is able to hear what I’m saying and ask the right questions which allow me to see information that is not always otherwise clear.  She is both encouraging and engaging and I always leave the call uplifted and motivated.  Her coaching has been a blessing in my life.”

– Andrea L., Wife/Mother/Missionary, USA

I came to Monique for help with an ongoing relational struggle that I had with a family member. I knew I needed help to set some healthy boundaries. Monique encouraged me to thoroughly think through the issue. She was instrumental in helping me develop a different perspective. Because of her help I have been able to approach the relationship with more  understanding, more patience, and much more success. – Thank you Monique! You have made a lasting difference in my family dynamics!”

 – J.M. – Trainer/Coach/Wife/Mother, Atlanta, USA

“Having Monique as my life coach has been tremendously beneficial! Our consistent coaching time together is a huge catalyst in me becoming motivated to start my own business. Monique’s authentic passion, heartfelt encouragement, and unique coach approach was just what I needed to get unstuck and move me closer to my God-given passions!”

 – Kristin F., Professional Counselor / Certified Life Coach, USA

“I was privileged to be part of The Creative Call group which Monique leads. Monique is a skilled facilitator, gently guiding discussions and creating an environment where thoughts, stories, and ideas are shared and valued. She has a welcoming and nurturing spirit which can be felt by everyone in the group. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Doreen W., School Teacher/Professional Development Trainer, Germany

“I participated in Monique’s Creative Call group in 2015.  I loved the way that ‘The Creative Call’ explicitly connects creativity with God, the Creator and source of our creativity.  Monique created a safe space to dig deep into our creativity and God’s call for us.  Her depth of faith and breadth of artistic experience helped us connect with our own faith and creativity.  She listens authentically and offers genuine encouragement, gently guiding the discussion in a way that led me to meaningful reflection on my experiences and encouraged me to actively take steps in my artistic pursuits.  I would highly recommend participating in Monique’s Creative Call group to anyone seeking to deepen their faith and ignite their creativity.”

– Kristen B., Scientist/Professor, Germany




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