Released in December, 2015, Oggleswog the Dragon is a fairy tale story about loneliness and isolation coming face to face with courage, friendship and acceptance, revealing the transformation that happens in the presence of belonging and tenderness. 

In the valley of a country called Emerald Deep lives a young girl named Paulina. She wonders if she could ever become a heroine like the famous Brave Paulina who lived many years ago and became a heroine by slaying a fierce dragon. When Paulina herself encounters a dragon in the village, she responds in an unusual way and shows that sometimes being a heroine means breaking free from what’s expected.

Suited to readers from the age of 8 to 108! Fairy tales are for everyone!

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Released in 2013, my first children’s book (available on Amazon Kindle) is about two aliens on the planet Engberland. With Squag’s sporadic outbursts and fears, life together becomes nearly impossible. Squiggle wants to help but doesn’t know how. Enter the Itzmee–the giant Superalien–who may be the only one able to help.

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Squiggle & Squag NEW 23 Aug 2015